What Is the Converging Solutions Difference?

Our approach can be summed up as the difference between showing someone a target, and leading them to it. We can illustrate in five minutes with you, the clear and concise difference teaming with us makes… it may even change your entire approach to problem-solving and team management!

While some of the more traditional models and instruments are certainly part of our battery of solutions, what makes our results stand measurably apart from others is our TARGETed problem solving approach using carefully chosen teams and tools, partnering with you, our customer, to efficiently and effectively:

  • Tear down preconceptions
  • Assemble a comprehensive set of ideas (divergent strategies)
  • Reflect and refine theories
  • Gather specific resources (convergent strategies)
  • Engage solutions
  • Test new findings
Our Company Mission

Converging Solutions  is committed to purposefully serving our clients by developing creative and collaborative learning, communication, and performance solutions that work together… for good.

Converging Solution's Philosophy
Our philosophy is centered on the Converging Solutions Model.  The Converging Model merges learning, communication and performance strategies in order to provide a big-picture perspective. Our model supplies the building blocks to help teams solve complex problems by exploring options and inspiring insights while  building a cohesive, innovative team.