Converging Learning

A Converging Learning Case Study:

A Customer Service group ignored recommendations for a detailed communication plan, performance plan, and critical thinking test for a new troubleshooting queue. As a result, the entire project’s funding was lost, because the pilot group performed no better than the original group, even after two full days of training!

The moral of the story: Training is not a cure-all. Use the Converging Solutions Model to research the real problems, and provide real solutions (which may or may not include training)!

A Converging Learning Case Study:

A voluntary national emergency-response group was resistant to complete requirements, because the training consisted of reading 10-30 page PDF documents and completing paper-based assessments. Moving the training on-line and providing motivational animations at the beginning of each lesson resulted in:

  •     More impactful and engaging courses, leading to improved compliance
  •     Increased national visibility for an innovative solution to “required” training
  •     A savings of 16 hours per month of administrative time tracking completions

The moral of the story: If the content you are teaching is worth learning, you must capture and keep the learner’s attention. It’s a win-win-win for your employees, your customers and your business!